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Metal Bellow Expansion joints and Metal Bellows Manufacturers

With several recent developments in technology, there has been a significant rise in manufacturing industries. Almost all the industries in the world deal with pipelines carrying fluids (liquids and gases) or even solids and abrasive media of high temperature and high pressure. As a result, stress on the pipes or ducts is inevitable. The stresses and thermal expansion can lead to dimensional changes, vibrations, and even leakage that can prove fatal to the industry.

Be it aerospace, automobile, electrical, power generation, or any other, there is a need to transfer fluids safely and conveniently. To cater to this specific need, metallic bellow expansion joints are used. These metal expansion joints use metal bellows to ensure that the transfer system has the capacity to withstand the high temperature and pressure as well as withhold the stress caused by these. Kwality Products are one of the leading metal bellow company, manufacturing various types of metal expansion joints and metal bellows as per the specific requirements of our valuable clients.

What are Bellow Expansion Joints?

Normal metallic expansion joint, when used for a long period of time in an environment transporting gases and liquids of high pressure and temperature can cause cracks, leakages, deformations, and eventual failure of the pipelines. Apart from these, the axial, lateral, angular, and universal stresses developed due to the weight of the pipe and components, the temperature of the working environment, stresses due to restraints, and so on also affect the performance and lifetime of the pipes. To prevent this from happening, bellows are used in the system, thereby being termed as bellow expansion joints.

Bellows expansion joints comprise of a bellow, end fittings, control rods, liners, and other components to form an entire unit that can withstand the forces developed by the fluid to ensure an uninterrupted and safe flow. Bellows can be made using metal or rubber as per the requirement. The metallic bellow is made by rolling a thin sheet into a cylindrical form and then welding the seam. Depending upon the required specifications, plies are added. After this, circumferential convolutions are made onto the body. The shape of these is designed in order to contain the pressure developed inside and deform accordingly. When the pipe is subjected to high pressure, the bellows compress, and alternately, when there is a vacuum, the bellows expand accordingly thereby protecting the whole arrangement.

Kwality Products is a metal expansion joints and metal bellows manufacturer that uses state of the art mechanical expander and hydroforming machines to manufacture bellow joints as per the design parameters required by the client industry.

Use of Bellow Expansion Joints

The bellow expansion joints have found uses in a plethora of industries ranging from water/wastewater plants to even nuclear applications. Some other applications of the bellows are in -

  • Power generation plants
  • Infrastructure
  • HVAC
  • Solar technology
  • Electrical systems
  • Cryogenic/industrial gases applications
  • Metal/steel mills
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Fuel cell power system
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Oil and gas
  • OEM engines
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Automotives, etc.

How do we work?

The key to any successful company is customer satisfaction. As a result, we, at Kwality products take a methodological approach to ensure that we provide products of the highest standards.

  • Take & Analyze Requirements

    If you wish to acquire our services for a product, you can simply contact us via the ‘contact us’ section. We would be glad to give you a ring to discuss the product in detail. Based on the requirements provided by you, we will analyze them and provide you with a proposal as per our design and production departments.

  • Verify Requirements & Get Approval

    The next process involves us in verifying the requirements and then we shall send you the technical and commercial evaluation such as the drawings, sales order, etc and once approved, we shall proceed to the next step. We will also provide you with the delivery date.

  • Manufacture & Test

    Following successful approval, we will proceed to manufacture the product using state-of-the-art equipment as well as following the EJMA and ASME guidelines. We will then test the product to check for any deformations or defects. Once manufactured and tested successfully, we will contact you to come and inspect the product to check if they are as per your requirements.

  • Package & Ship the product

    Once the product is ready, we will then pack it with damage-free materials to ensure that there are no transportation damages. We will then dispatch the product to your address with the help of trusted cargo services.

Our Services

  • Manufacturing
  • Repairing

We focus on providing our customers with the expansions joints with the best metal bellow design that is apt for their purpose. Our array of products manufactured include metal bellows, bellow couplings, valve bellows, universal expansion joints, axial expansion joints, and so on with diameters between 12 mm to 1500 mm. However, we are currently in the process of developing joints with diameters even up to 6000 mm.

We design our Industrial Products according to customer's necessity with competitive price

"We design our Industrial Products according to customer's necessity with competitive price"

Why choose us?

With over 40 years of expertise in the field of engineering, we are a top metallic expansion joint company. Our quality products are being used in the nuclear, oil and gas, defence, automobile, railways, and various other industries. Using state of the art machines, we manufacture our products by strictly adhering to the EJMA standards, as well as the ASME code. We provide highly durable products that are tuned to perfection by vigorously testing under various types of stress and conditions.

Our clients

Some of our recent and valuable list of customers include -

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Metal Bellows

Metal Bellows

We design premium quality hydroformed Metal Bellows which are used in various industrial application. Our products are known for their damage-resistant and extended service life. These industrial products are made accessible in various determinations according to the specific particulars.

Lateral Expansion Joints

lateral expansion joints

Lateral expansion joints are formed of two bellows joined collectively by a central pipe and a system of tie rods capable of facing the pressure produced by internally. Systems tie rods are fitted in positions of a pair or more than that, equally allocated nearby the periphery of the expansion joint.

Metal Expansion Joints

Metal expansion joints

We have a broad arrangement of metal expansion joints items which are normally utilized for the pipeline framework.The quality of our product expansion joints are premium which produce great output. Pliant bellows design are built for greater strength and corrosion resistance as well as improved safety in high-pressure applications.

Valve Bellows

valve bellows

Bellow sealed valves are a fresh type of Manufacturing Process valves. These valves are recommended for leakage free performance hence, called “Zero-Leak Valves” or “Emission Free Valves”.

Pressure Switch Bellows

Pressure Switch Bellows

Pressure switches are designed to make electrical contact when a set pressure is reached. These switches are designed to close or open on the pressure rising or falling. Many businesses containing automotive and diesel use these types of switches to manage optimum system operation.

Gimbal Expansion Joints

gimbal expansion joints

Gimbal Expansion Joints are created to allow angular movement in several planes by the use of two pairs of hinges attached to a common floating gimbal ring. The gimbal ring, hinged and clips are intended to control the weight that pushes because of inside weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dimension of bellow expansion joint do you offer?

Based on your requirements, we can manufacture expansion joints with different dimensions. As of right now, we can produce joints with diameters between 12mm to 1500mm. However, we are currently in the development of designing equipment that can manufacture bellow expansion joints of up to 6000mm diameter.

How do I know which bellow expansion joint to use?

As per the dimensions and requirements of your industry, we can manufacture different types of bellow expansion joints such as axial, lateral, elbow pressure, and so on. We can also manufacture them with a wide dimension range between 12mm to 1500mm. Once you have provided with the requirements, we can also help you decide the correct type for you.

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