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How To Choose Right Metal Expansion Bellows

Confussed about metal? Stainless steel bellow manufacturer in India

It's difficult to choose among various metal expansion bellows, and in-depth knowledge is required to choose the right one.

Metal bellows are considered as the basic part (generic term) - it is a key component made by forming metal cylindrical into annular corrugation at various atmospheric pressure. These expansion joints are specially designed as per the specification defined by the engineers specifying the dimension, type of metal alloy and the technology used.

Bellows is designed and used as a versatile component.They are used in various industry for different application and this application can be broad categories—sealing, temperature, evacuation, and pressure which can be referred to bellow designing process.

Here are some checkpoints that you must keep in mind while selecting the right bellows.

1. Manufacturing Technology

Used To be successful with metal bellows, it is one of the important points that you must consider while selecting the right bellows, you can not just start speaking about its performance without knowing about its manufacturing or designing technology used during the formation of bellows.

There are different type of metallic bellows, used for specific usage they are:

Hydroforming Technology

Hydroforming is a metal forming process that helps in shaping up the metal such as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium etc.It is one of the most common and the best technology used for the formation of bellows.The technology replaces the older process of welding and more effective in creating complex shape and contours.

Mechanical expandar

It is another technology also called (mechanical Punch forming machine) used for designing high-quality heat exchanger coils.The production takes in two-step first step is to form the tube into convoluted shape and the second step is the re-polling process.

2. Bellows Materials

Depending upon the tensile, chemical and physical properties of the bellows there is various material that is used for designing the metal bellow as bellows material also play crucial and obvious roles in bellows performance and its flexibility. One key to the versatility of bellows in many different applications is the wide variety of metals, including brass, bronze, copper, monel, stainless steel, nickel

3. Testing

Before selecting the product make sure the bellows must undergo the testing phase. Do check before buying the product from any manufacturer and supplier as testing is also an important factor that gives you the exact idea about the product genuinity. There are some of the testing techniques that you can check while selecting the right metal bellows.Hydrostatic Pressure and Leak Test,Pneumatic Bubble Soap Leak Test,Vacuum Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Visual Test, Fatigue Test, Squirm Test, Spring Rate Test, Radiography Test (Through third party approved vendors), X-Ray Test (Through third party approved vendors), Ultrasonic Test (Through third party approved vendors), Helium Leak Detection Test (Through third party approved vendors )

Select the best-designed bellows that suits your need and requirement specifying the multi-ply or single layer, the usage and the life of the bellows expansion.Always check the metal bellows used in your expansion joint should be designed and manufactured in accordance with EJMA, the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association as verify for the correct pressure and temperature.