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Pressure Balanced Bellows Expansion Joints

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Expansion joints are often used for industrial application of piping networks. An expansion joint is also known as movement joint which is categorised into several types, one of its types is pressure balanced expansion joints.

Pressure balance expansion joint is a type of pressure balancing bellow which is basically used as a combination of flow bellows as well as the balancing bellows. It is used when the process requires a large change in temperature, pressure and change in size. It is designed with several bellows where the pressure thrust force act across the tie rods attached to the flanges, such as turbines.

Pressure is created by pumps or gravity which is used to move the fluid through bellows used for the piping network. The fluids move under high pressure occupy the volume of the container. Pressure balanced expansion joints are designed to maintain the constant volume by balancing bellows and compensate for volume change in bellows. The device used is “pressure-volumetric compensator”.

There are several types of pressure bellows expansion -

Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints :

An elbow pressure balanced expansion joints is a type of flow bellow that is designed to absorb imposed axial movement without imposing pressure loading on the system. It is being used in piping industry where pressure thrust accomplished by using line pressure tied together.Elbow pressure expansion joints are further categorized on the basis of tie rods, flanges and weld end.


  • Basically used for Industrial piping systems

In-line Pressure Balanced Bellow :

The In-line pressure balanced expansion joint is designed to absorb axial, angular and lateral deflection. These expansion joint are used in a straight run of piping industries. They are formed by the pressure thrust and are used for high balancing and interconnecting of the line bellows with outboard compensating bellows which subjected to line pressure.


  • For replacing pipe loops
  • For reduced pumping energy

Axial Expansion Joints :

Axial expansion joints are used to change the direction of the pipe. It is designed to consume mainly the longitudinal moves axially along a straight division of pipe. The thermal expansion of straight pipeline section between two points can be absorbed by the axial elbow pressure joints with a relatively compact build-in length. These expansion joints are cost effective and are equipped with all kinds of connectors, such as welding joints and flanges.


  • Industrial piping systems.
  • Minimizing the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system.

These pressure balanced expansion joints imposed pressure on the piping networks.We at Pliant bellows designs and manufactures all types of pressure balanced expansion bellows, as per the specification of the engineers ( customize) under the guidelines of EJMA.Let our design engineers help you determine the right expansion joint for your piping system.