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Stainless Steel Bellows Expansion Joint for Aerospace Industry

Confussed about metal? Stainless steel bellow manufacturer in India

The stainless steel metal bellows expansion joints are versatile and a critical technology that allows a wide range of engineering applications. They play an essential role in the control of movement, vacuum and pressure. Numerous sectors of the industry use metal bellows in a wide range of machine sets and components.

Being flexible, spring-shaped and precision-designed components, metal bellows are custom-designed, performing a variety of engineering functions. Metal bellows can convert temperature, mechanical and pressure changes into linear or Lateral movement. Flexible electronic applications can also use them.

Metal Bellows have a huge global metal bellows market research, demand and growth . The aerospace industry requires products that withstand rigorous conditions while maintaining high reliability because failure is not an option. Besides, aerospace engineers often need broad support from Stainless steel bellow manufacturers (in the form of product analysis and testing) because many parts such as metal bellows are designed specifically for these applications. Finally, all the components used in aerospace applications, military. Regardless of size, metal bellows must meet strict requirements.

Confussed about metal? Stainless steel bellow manufacturer in India
  1. Lateral / Angular Expansion Joints

  2. The lateral expansion joints are expansion joints that absorb mainly lateral movements, laterally along a section of pipe. They are equipped with two or more adjustable braces or tensions that prevent the axial movements of the bellows.

    Lateral stainless steel metal expansion joints absorb transverse and lateral movements and include restraints in the form of a ball-bearing coupling rod or flat tie bar with bolts or crossed hinges. Aside expansion joint consists of two angular expansion joints connected by an intermediate tube. The extent of the permissible lateral movement is controlled by a combination of the flexure angle of the hinge arrangement and the length of the intermediate pipe.

    Unlike unrestricted axial and universal expansion joints, articulated expansion joints do not apply axial loads created by internal pressurization to adjacent pipe supports, since they are absorbed by the busbar/ bar/hinge arrangement.

  3. Universal Expansion Joints

  4. The universal expansion joints contain two bellows with multiple convolutions joined by a central tube or spool. These joints, also known as double or tandem bellows expansion joints, are used to absorb any combination of axial, lateral or angular movements in a pipe system.

    When the lateral movements are too excessive to accommodate a single axial expansion joint or when there is a limitation on the number of lateral forces allowed in the pipe or connection equipment, universal expansion joints are installed to accommodate these movements.

  5. Gimbal expansion joints

  6. The gimbal tube expansion joint is the same as the hinge type, except that instead of being limited to deflection in a single plane, the expansion joints are used to absorb the angular rotation in any plane, using two pairs of hinges attached to a conventional floating cardan ring.

    Cardan systems generally consist of two gimbal expansion joints or two gimbal joints and an articulated expansion joint/bellows.

    The advantages of this type of construction are that it provides strict control over the movement imposed on the bellows and is also compatible with the dead weight of the pipe.

    Besides, wind and shear loads are also served by the gimbal structure.

    As gimbal bellows joints are not restricted to a single plane, they offer greater flexibility of use.

Stainless Steel Bellow Manufacturer

Pliant Bellows SS bellow manufacturer in India is proud to be the nation's number one SS bellow manufacturer of stainless steel metal bellows for the aerospace industry. Our SS bellow and expansion joints are designed to absorb and reduce vibration and relieve structural stress when working under pressure, extreme temperatures and other variables. We specialize in thin Hinged/Universal bellows and welcome the creation of prototypes, unique products and other low volume production, as well as large volume production orders.

Our stainless steel bellows expansion joints are made to meet the customer's requirements regarding movement, inclination, the radius of curvature and other design considerations. With internal tool-making capabilities, Pliant Bellows can create custom metal bellows that match your exact specifications.

Development & Testing of Stainless Steel Bellows Expansion Joint

Pliant Bellows can build its assemblies using stainless steel from ultra-high vacuum (UHV) to positive pressures. If our customer requires an actuator, a volume compensator, an expansion joint.

The stainless steel bellows offer the best price/performance ratio of any material. The stainless steel bellows maintain their high strength capacity and custom design with different thicknesses. Pliant Bellows has superior welding practices to ensure that the bellows assembly meets the requirements of our customers.