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What are Expansion Joints, and its Uses

metal bellows industrial application

Leveraging on our experience and expertise from last 40 years Pliant Bellows is a leading metal expansion joints and stainless steel bellows supplier and manufacturer in India.

Metal bellows forming is in practice for thousands of years but after the industrial revolution more sophisticated and hi-technology methods were discovered that made machine industry more powerful and increased their productivity, part repeatability for the better quality products which resulted in improved life. Pliant Bellows provide a broad variety of metal bellow expansion joints to industrial pipeline framework.

Know What Expansion Joints Are?

Bellows is a basic part of the expansion joint and is made by forming metal cylinder into annular corrugations. Expansion joints are specially designed components that are used for the heat mitigation and expansion that takes place due to various atmospheric conditions.

The bellows can have single or multiple folds and their flexibility depends on the shape, thickness and the convolution geometry that defines its pressure resistance, bellows spring rates and all kinds of movement absorption. Expansion joints are available in many different shapes and materials.

These expansion joints provide a reliable and highly innovative solution in diverse industries like power plants industries, piping industry, district heating, wind power, cement plant & aerospace and many other metal industries.

Metallic Expansion Joints

While designing the metallic joints there are several factors that one must keep in mind as key features. In order to compensate the thermal expansion of the axial pipe. The metal expansion joints must have the protection of adequate anchoring against the thrust pressure in order to prevent damage as - weight of valves, piping and the resistance are included as a part of strength and design weight of an anchor. Materials used in designing joints include all types of stainless steels and high-grade nickel alloy.

These industrial products are installed in pipes and duct system in order to prevent damage caused by thermal growth, vibration, pressure thrust and mechanical forces.

Bellow Expansion Joints Technology

Metal expansion joints are also known as Compensator (expansion compensator) with this modern industrial piping system, the use of high technologies of designing metal bellows many unusual and complex shapes and size are formed of steels and various metal dies under high pressure and temperature. Using US designed technology like Hydro Forming and Mechanical expander (Punch forming Machine ) metal bellow expansion joints are manufactured, which then undergo through various testing techniques like Radiography test, Pressure leak test, leak detection, and fatigue test are done to check the thermal and mechanical changes of products under high pressure and temperature that takes place in various stages of atmospheric conditions.

As we are standing in the 21st century, no doubt there are many technical and sophisticated ways to design metal bellows, still many industries lack these superior techniques. Pliant Bellows manufacture high-quality metal expansion joints by using hydroforming & mechanical expander technology keeping clients specifications in mind.

We deal with 8 different types of expansion joints like:

Pliant bellows help you in every way as our production maintains criteria according to rules laid out by EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturing Association) and provide best metal expansion joint to numerous metallic industries nationally and globally.

We assure employers safety, conventional and quality material where applicable.