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Axial Expansion Joints manufacturers in India

Axial Expansion Joints dealers pliant bellows

Axial expansion joints is a type of metal bellows expansion jointsthat consume mainly longitudinal moves axially along a straight division of pipe. The length of a stainless steel bellows expansion joint in a neutral position is called free length. The highest working life is accomplished by utilizing the axial shift in both regions as extension and compression.

Axial expansion joints are often equipped with a guiding tube on the inside of the metal bellows. This decreases the flow resistance and stops damage caused by direct contact with the flowing medium. In axial consideration, the thermal expansion of a straight line section connecting two fixed points is absorbed by an axial expansion joint. The length of two arranged points determines the pipeline length expecting compensation, and thus determines the axial movement that must be achieved by the flexible expansion joint.

The material used in designing these bellows are SS304L, SS316L, SS316Ti and SS321, Inconel and nickel-based alloy.

We at Pliant bellows known for designing the best axial expansion joints, as we designed as per the specification using EJMA guidelines. We are the global exporter manufacturing and making available products at reasonable prices.


  • Industrial piping systems.
  • Minimizing the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system.

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