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Various types of coupling are available, which are used in different sectors. The fundamental goal of couplings is to connect two portions of rotating devices. While allowing some degree of misalignment, action or both and for revolution frequency in momentum and positioning factors. Be careful choosing, fitting and sustain of flexible shaft coupling, substantial savings can be made in reduced maintenance costs and downtime.We manufacture Reliable, flexible, shaft and permanently zero backlash coupling.

Pliant bellows are flexible bellows coupling manufacturers that offer you a complete line of stainless steel bellows couplings. We can help your sharp coupling needs and offer you technically superior and cost-effective solutions. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and highly skilled machinists enable us to customize your shaft couplings for your exact applications and we offer same day delivery for customer bored couplings.


  • Torque values from 0.44 t0 2,500 Nm
  • High torsional rigidity, low inertia, zero backlash and misalignment compensation.
  • Can be used at a temperature up to 570 ˚F without any limitation and maintenance free.

The major considerations are:

  • Torque & Horsepower
  • Shaft Misalignment
  • Lateral & Axial flexible coupling
  • Torsional Flexibility
  • Backlash
  • Rotational Velocity Error & Service Conditions

An outstanding highlight of the bellows coupling is a balanced design to decrease fluctuation in large rpm applications of up to 10,000 rpm. Zero backlash and a long, maintenance-free life are assured since the bellows coupling has no moving parts with extremely high torsional stiffness and a low moment of inertia. Lateral, crossing misalignment and axial movement are provided by the bellows coupling.

For required knowledge & detailed information on size selection, please refer our brochure.


  • Absorbing torque and material handling
  • Dismantling pipe lines
  • Loading and unloading of liquids
  • Absorb Thermal Expansion misalignment of pipeline
  • Exhaust gas treatment systems

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