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Bellow Couplings dealers pliant bellows

Bellow couplings, also called as bellow expansion joints are metal pieces that are used to connect two pieces of rotating devices, hence called ‘couplings’. Bellow couplings have several benefits, for instance, zero backlashes; misalignment compensation; precise transmission of velocity; angular positioning and torque. They also have remarkable torsional rigidity i.e. torsional movement that supports elasticity in axial, angular, and parallel shaft misalignments.

Bellow couplings are hydroformed so as to create deep corrugations, further to be used in a high precision position requiring applications. Although, while deploying a bellow coupling, it is essential to consider the torque value. The peak torque value shouldn’t exceed the coupling rated torque.

As bellow expansion joints manufacturers, Pliant Bellows produces exceptional bellow expansion joints that are constructed with fundamental characteristics yield the best results. We have technically superior and cost-effective solutions for your coupling needs with precise designs and buoyancy. Expert mechanists at Pliant Bellows will customize the shaft couplings as per the applications you require them to implement in. Another convenience factor that we provide to our customers is that we offer same day delivery of our expansion joints.


  • The torque of bellow couplings: 0.44 t0 2.500 Nm
  • Torsional rigidity.
  • Low inertia.
  • Zero backlashes.
  • Misalignment compensation.
  • Temperature endurance up to 570 ̊F
  • Torque & Horsepower
  • Shaft Misalignment
  • Lateral & Axial flexible coupling
  • Torsional Flexibility
  • Rotational Velocity Error & Service Conditions

As bellow expansion joints manufacturers in India, we have been able to achieve a slick framework for the bellow couplings that can decrease the fluctuation in large rpm applications of up to 10,000 rpm. Pliant Bellow metal bellow expansion joints have zero backlash and have a long and maintenance-free life. Our bellow couplings have stiff parts with torsional rigidity and low inertia along with lateral, crossing misalignment and axial movement are provided.

For required knowledge & detailed information on size selection, please refer our brochure.


  • Absorbing torque and material handling
  • Dismantling pipelines
  • Loading and unloading of liquids
  • Absorb Thermal Expansion misalignment of pipeline
  • Exhaust gas treatment systems

Pliant Bellows has operated in the field of manufacturing metal bellow expansion joints in India for more than 40 years and we have earned the reliability of our customers. The designs that we produce are precise and accurate to render its full capacity. The company is trusted and is named among the universal expansion joints suppliers. We are spread out all over the nation and are one of the best metal bellow manufacturers in India.

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