Gimbal Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India

Gimbal Expansion Joints suppliers pliant bellows

It is one type of pipe expansion joints that are designed to accept angular movement in any plan.

The gimbal pipe expansion joint is primarily the same as the hinge expansion type except that instead of being restricted to deflection in only one plane, it can allow bending or angulation in any plane. Gimbal expansion joints are usually used in pairs of expansion that holds two sets of hooks pins, pivots, the shaft of each set perpendicular to the another.

Every kit of pins is attached to each other with a middle gimbal ring, in much the same way that a universal expansion joint on automobile works. This unit achieves the equivalent type of restraint and resistance to axial energies, such as the pressure thrust, and to shear energies as the pivot type.

We are gimbal expansion joints supplier per metal bellows design guidelines decided by EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association).


  • Absorbs angular rotation
  • Eliminates pressure thrust forces
  • Transmits shear and wind loads
  • Supports dead weight
  • Prevents torsion on bellows
  • No main anchors required
  • Minimum guiding required
  • Low forces on piping system


  • In helicopter engine
  • In aerospace components

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