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Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India.

Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints dealers pliant bellows

When axial deflections exist, and anchoring is impractical for fundamental or commercial reasons, such as long in the air or short straight pipe runs among two large vessels, the inline pressure balanced pipe expansion joint manufacturing is a powerful solution to a difficult design problem. The main factor of this flexible joint bellows type of unit is essentially the same as the elbow pressure balanced type, in that the axial pressure thrust is reacted by the pressure acting on a cross-sectional area equal to the area of the working or primary bellows.

Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint manufacturers to absorb axial, lateral and angular deflection. Since this unit is entirely axial, and there are no directional changes in the pipe, such as with the elbow, the cross-sectional area needed to balance the pressure is placed around the outside of the unit. Since the high-temperature pressure forces are generated by the pressure acting on the annular surface between the primary and outer, or balancing bellows, the arrangement of the tie rods shifts balances the load thrust produced in the pipe on each edge. Now the forces needed to compress or extend the unit are only the result of the spring resistance of the bellows, and main anchoring of the pipe or vessels is not required.

These expansion joints are expensive than the other pressure balanced expansion joints however, they may result in a lower overall system cost when the elimination of main anchoring is considered and we are inline pressure balanced expansion joints dealers. This expansion joint bellows designs can also be used to replace pipe loops, and its cost advantage may be seen in reduced pumping energy by the elimination of the loop's elbow-generated pressure losses. This may also allow reducing the pipe size for the entire system.

As a trusted inline pressure balanced expansion joints global exporters, we always give assurance & material satisfaction to the customer.


  • For replacing pipe loops
  • For reduced pumping energy

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