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Metal expansion joints (MEJ) also called compensators or metallic/metal bellows. An expansion joint/bellow element employed in a piping industry is an assembly of generally more than one series with the shape of the convolution designed to withstand the environmental restraints, Thermal extension, production waves of pumps, draft fans, compressors, turbines, machines, crafts and other manufactory components, but adaptable to accept axial, lateral, and angular deflections. They made of one or more high quality metal bellows. These industrial products are made accessible in various determinations according to the specific particulars. We are Metal Bellow expansion joints manufacturer in India & metal bellows global exporters. We design premium quality hydroformed Bellows which are used in the various industrial application as the steel or metal has superior corrosion defence capacity in complicated circumstances.

We design bellows which are corrosion resist, flexible, damage-resistant and extended service life. Designing of metal bellows is done with powerful technology like hydroforming & test under various conditions like high temperature, Vacuum test.


  • Aero space and Compactors
  • Industrial OEM equipment
  • Marine engineering
  • Differential pressure
  • Mining and coal industry

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