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Metal Expansion Joints manufacturers pliant bellows

Metal expansion joints also called compensators (expansion compensators). An expansion joint is a flexible bellow made of Stainless Steel which is commonly called as stainless steel bellows expansion joints.

Metal Expansion joints are necessary for systems that convey high-temperature substances such as steam or exhaust gases, or to absorb movement and vibration.

Flexible bellow expansion joint is often included in industrial piping systems to provide movement due to thermal and mechanical changes in the operation when the process requires large fluctuations in high temperature which lead metal components to change its size. Expansion joints with metal bellows designs are manufactured to accommodate certain movements while minimizing the transfer of forces to sensitive components in the system.

There are multiple procedures that can help to prevent and reduce expansion joint failure. At the time of installation, in order to prevent any damage to the bellows be careful by following the instructions & we are metal expansion joints global dealer.

We have a large combination of flexible metal expansion bellows joints items which are normally utilized for the pipeline framework. The quality of our product is premium, which produces great output. There is various stainless steel bellow manufacturer all over the world but we at Pliant bellows use hydroformed technology to design metal bellows, a product with greater strength and corrosion resistance as well as improved safety in high-pressure applications. we are one of leading expansion joint manufacturers in India and globally.

types of metal expansion joints are:


  • Industrial piping systems

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